The Band

Euphonic can best be described as a chamber ensemble. With the use of all acoustic instruments (cello, guitar, and drums), the band has created an eclectic sound of their own, including classical, spanish, folk, ragtime, and jazz influences.

Euphonic trio

The roots of Euphonic were a four-piece band called Sterling, consisting of Bob Wegner, Vince Waters, Rob Jankowski, and Paul Penney. They were working on indie-pop/rock tunes written mainly by Rob, but due to stylistic differences, Bob and Vince left the band with another musical direction in mind.

Bob first came into contact with Geoff Ball after seeing him perform at the Staircase Cafe in Hamilton. A few tunes in a funk/rock vein were soon written with Geoff on bass guitar in the newly-formed trio, but it wasn't long before the cello was integrated into the mix. While the music began to change, the band decided to change their name as well, to Euphonic.

The first full song with the cello/guitar instrumentation, with a largely latin flavour, was written by Bob and Geoff roughly between the hours of 3 and 6 am on a Wednesday night. As more songs were written, the bass guitar was eventually phased out in favour of the cello.

Euphonic hamm it up

The trio, now with 12 originals (and plenty of covers with unique arrangements) in their repertoire, has performed dozens of shows at various Hamilton venues, including fashion shows and the annual Gandhi Peace Festival. They have also traveled to play weddings.

Euphonic is gaining popularity in the Hamilton music scene. The recording of their debut album is pending, and they aim to expand their reputation to the greater Toronto area and beyond.