The Boys

Bob Wegner

Bob WegnerBob Wegner has been playing piano since age 5 and guitar since age 12. He taught guitar, piano, ukulele, and mandolin at studios and privately for several years, and performed in various bands and theatrical productions. In December 2006, he auditioned for Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor, landing the role as one of the two guitarists in the Mirvish production of the We Will Rock You musical in Toronto. The show played to nearly a million people over its 2-year run and was winner of the Dora award for best Toronto musical of 2007.

More recently, he recorded some tracks with Michael Kulas, formerly of the platinum-selling UK band "James," and is currently contributing to a project called Fabletongue, whose tracks are currently in the capable hands of Grammy-winning producer David Bottrill (King Crimson, Tool, Dream Theater, Muse, Silverchair). He is also part of Classic Albums Live, a group of stellar musicians who faithfully recreate some of the best music ever written note for note in theatres all around North America. He teaches many instruments, and is on the faculty at the prestigious Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts.

Geoff Ball

Geoff BallExploiting friends, chairs, and music stands all over to hold his bow while he sets up, this man is a peculiar element of the Hamilton music scene. Unrestrained by delusions of image or style, he concentrates solely on the music in all of his ensembles (currently numbering 8, including 5 contemporary groups, 2 choirs and Symphony on the Bay) whether as cellist, singer, arranger, or composer. Somehow, between all the music making and musicking about he managed to take enough psychology classes to get his Honours BA, and nearly enough music courses to make it a double major. After teaching high school for two years in England (get them while they're young and only partially jaded!), he is back in Canada and making more music than ever.

Vincent Waters

Vincent WatersVince Waters is an enthusiastic artist. With more than a decade of recording and performing experience, Vince draws inspiration from a variety of musical styles and backgrounds; from Pop/Rock, R&B and Funk, to Jazz, Classical, and Afro-Beat. In 2001, he was awarded the Art and Music award from St. Jean de Brebeuf after a successful four years of musical participation in the band, choir, and other school functions.

Upon successful completion of a Computer Network Administration program at Mohawk College in 2007, Vince decided to switch in to music. In April of 2011, he completed the 4 year Applied Music program, again at Mohawk College, under Kevin Dempsey in Jazz Performance on Drums. He also had the great privilege of being in the Mohawk College Big Band for the 2010-2011 school year, led by the late Dave McMurdo.

In 2012 Vince spent six months on one of the finest Mexican cruise lines, and will be returning to the cruise world in 2013. He plays in several other bands and teaches privately.